Energy Data Analysis using WICAL

The WICAL Analysis Program can treat, evaluate and analyse energy data from any source. That way, it is easy to use flow, energy, state and quality data even for complex calculations, checks and visualisations.

Results may be summed up in reports or visualised as tables and diagrams. For more possibilities and opportunities, there are interfaces to databases and Microsoft Excel®.


  • Evaluation of energy data from measuring data loggers, flow correctors and DSfG devices supplied by RMG or third-parties
  • Supports everything from simple to complex calculations, checks and visualisations of volume/energy/state/quality data as well as sonic speed (for ultrasonic meters)
  • Visualisation of results in the form of tables and diagrams
  • Line plots to present hourly and daily values
  • Freely-definable reports to sum up results
  • User-friendly design and layout of reports
  • Daily/monthly/yearly reports and comparisons
  • Any number of different reports
  • Interfaces for databases, spreadsheet applications, word processors, etc.
  • ASCII export interface for hourly/daily/monthly values
  • Entry of correction values based on hours and areas
  • Entry of correction factors
  • Manual entry of measuring points


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