Remote Auditing using AKA-II

AKA-II turns WICO22 into a centre of operations for remote auditing for gas chromatographs and correlative gas quality stations. Gas quality can be evaluated with a minimum of operational steps. Additionally, internal calibration and external test gas can be triggered on the basis of a time schedule. AKA-II visualises history, results and files and (if necessary) exports the data.


  • Online presentation of measured values and operational status of PGC/KGM
  • Starting and monitoring of calibration and test runs
  • Parameterisation of limit values and setpoints in MRG 2203
  • Automatic, time-controlled retrieval of data from MRG 2203 files
  • Visualisation of filed data (e.g., individual analyses, hourly/daily/monthly mean values, response factors) and log entries in the form of tables and diagrams
  • Export of filed data to Microsoft Excel
  • Integrated retrieval planner
  • Integrated interface administration
  • Local and/or remote operation possible
  • PC online presentation of all data elements of DSfG bus system
  • Online parameterisation of all data elements of the bus system
  • Storage of complete parameter sets on PC
  • Offline presentation and treatment of device parameters
  • Resaving complete parameter sets to devices
  • Export of parameters to Excel
  • Printing operation logs

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