Professional Acquisition of Measuring Data using INETDATA

INETDATA is RMG’s service offering for the regular acquisition of measuring data, based on sophisticated technology and market-leading know-how:

  • Service consists of cyclical read-out and provision of invoicing and/or process data
  • Transfer data from a remote sub-station to a central control system using IEC870-5-104 or Filetransfer
  • Cycles may be as short as 1 minute
  • Provision of all necessary measuring and communication technology
  • Optional provision of data on the web portal
  • Optional installation and first start-up of measuring devices
  • Data filing


Data retrieval by the latest-generation of WICO software. Read-outs may be defined separately for individual stations:

  • Beginning and end date of read-out intervals
  • Defined read-out times and cycles
  • Data contents to be read-out and/or transferred (e.g., counted measure and measured value, counter readings, events, etc.)
  • Data formats (e.g., freely-configurable ASCII format, XML, GAS-X, GAMESS, etc.)
  • Technology of data transfer with related information (e.g., e-mail, FTP)

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