EC 900 Compact Volume Corrector

  • For calculating standard volumes according to GERG 88S, AGA-NX-19 or AGA 8 Gross 1
  • Types suitable for explosion protection Zones 1 + 2
  • May be installed on TRZ or DKZ
  • Gas rates function
  • Data logger according to standards & weights law
  • Optional internal modem or external communication module
  • Comfortable user software Dialog 900 for on-the-spot or control room operation
MID approved
Cast aluminium, protection Class IP 65
Types available both for use in rooms according to G 490 (explosion protection Zone II) and rooms according to G 491 (Zone I)
Max. admissible pressure pmax
up to 70 bar
Optical interface for infrared read-heads
RS 232/422/485 interface
Ethernet or USB (instead of modem)

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