Data Remote Read-out using WICO22

The RMG WICO22 Data Remote Read-out Centre can be used to transfer measured data to a central PC for storage. It is designed to retrieve data from data loggers, volume correctors and DSfG-compatible measuring devices. The software supports a great variety of device drivers. Retrieved energy data is easily and quickly accessible and available for further treatment.
WICO22 is modular and expandable in order to cover any and all fields of application in industry and energy.


  • Time-controlled and manual remote read-out of gas/electricity/water measurements
  • Multiple possibilities to analyse energy data
  • Easy export of data to invoice/spreadsheet/word processor software (may be automated)
  • Read-out of DSfG devices made by any manufacturer
  • Read-out data of measuring data loggers and flow correctors using proprietary communication interfaces made by RMG and other manufacturers (e.g., Tritschler, Elster etc.)
  • Receipt function to receive messages from stations
  • Visualisation of called-up data
  • Display of current values; remote parameterisation of stations
  • Paradox data base system incorporated
  • Available as a standalone solution or client/server system
  • Optional phone and update support

Technical Product Information & Software

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