Mobile Data Collection using MDE900

The MDE900 Mobile Data Acquisition System can be used to read out local data loggers and flow correctors on the spot. Users can read out meter readings, station conditions and filed data manually and/or transfer it to a PDA using a Bluetooth or infrared link. That way, data may be read out and transferred even if remote treatment is out of order or does not exist.


  • Read-out and transfer procedures and routes may be defined at a central point
  • Read-out intervals may be timed automatically and/or manually
  • Data may be read using Bluetooth or infrared adapters, or manually
  • Store data on PDAs
  • Data may also be transferred to a central data base of the WICO22 system
  • Plausibility checks
  • Display device information
  • Automatic time synchronisation
  • Devices may be RMG or third-party brands

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